Heritages and Museums

Heritages and Museums

TheVilla San Michele on Capri in Italy is a magical place quite out of the ordinary. Some people call the villa with its garden a paradise on earth, others regard it as the pearl of the island, a place where for a moment you can step out …

The Archaeological Museum of Pithecusae is located in Lacco Ameno , on the island of Ischia , in the metropolitan city of Naples . The headquarters are located in the main building of the Villa Arbusto complex.

Il Torrione-is a fortified watch-tower in the heart of Forio, built in 1480 to defend the island against attacks from Saracen invaders and pirates. At the time of construction, the tower was armed with 4 cannon, and to this day remains the biggest of its kind on the island.

The Sea museum in Ischia Ponte exhibits models, photos, maps, fishing tools and other items relating to the sea. This step back in time is a fascinating journey … Address: Palazzo dell’Orologio, Via Luigi Mazzella, 7, 80077 Ischia NA, Italy (Website in Italian)

Ignazio Cerio (1841 – 1921) was an influential but eccentric physician and amateur philosopher on the island of Capri, in Italy. His father, imprisoned for his liberal beliefs, had spent his time in jail devising chemical concoctions…

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